Sanctuary Lakes

Sanctuary Lakes is one of the most attractive areas of Melbourne and you can consider yourself lucky if you have a home in this suburb. But, does that home meet your needs and desires? Maybe you want your bathroom to be remodeled or renovated to meet your wishes?

Now is a chance for you to do that with a little help from our side. We are TOTAL BATHROOM SOLUTION and we can help you achieve your dream. You just name it – kitchen or bathroom we will design it in a way you want it or make you a creative proposition and a brand new project. You deserve luxury in your kitchen and we can provide it for you.

Beside tiling we also able to do jobs like screeding, caulking, waterproofing, sealing, kitchen splashbacks or marble stone and porcelain installations.

Everyone deserves to have a dream, but yours can be real. Do not hesitate, contact us and find out why TOTAL BATHROOM SOLUTION is the best choice!

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